Things to Consider for Wedding Reception

Please review these suggested points and consider them when finalizing timeline and floor plan. Some of the information provided will not apply to your reception. It can be a helpful tool in creating a good flow for your event. Remember simple is usually better. The first half of your reception is the structured part. Once the dessert is served the event will be free flowing and carefree.


  1. Pictures. Plan ahead, something to discuss with photographer to have a plan, so that this aspect doesn’t keep you completely away from cocktail hour.
  2. Account for your gift and cards after cocktail hour. Designate someone in your wedding party or family to remove them and safely store them in a personal vehicle
  3. Provide us with DJ or Band contact information so our party manager can coordinate times and flow of event.
  4. Bride and Groom announcement to guests as well as bridal party. Let us know how many people will be announced.
  5. First dances, how many and what order. (Father, Mother and Bride and Groom)
  6. Guest Speeches or Bride and Groom Speeches. We recommend keeping them short and sweet
  7. Toasts by guests.
  8. Blessings by guests.
  9. Cake cutting.
  10. Additional dances.
  11. Bouquet tosses.
  12. Last dance for Bride and Groom.
  13. Remember to plan sometime at the end of event to send of guests and say goodbye.
  14. Consider a Day-of event planner. (We can refer a company)